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How to attract traffic to your website

How to attract traffic to your website

11 February at 17:02

In the era of "smart technology" is very difficult to find a quality provider for traffic to your website. As among the mass of information that gives a search engine, often a pacifier. Now we will try to analyze in detail where to find the best place for online traffic for your site.

Here our some of the benefits:

  • Lowest cost in the market Internet marketing services
  • Audience reach of more than 100 thousand people
  • Beautiful is posted in the right place
  • Modern interface
  • Round the clock technical support

Interesting news from Analysts from Russia

Interesting news from Analysts from Russia

4 December 2016

According to ACAR, Internet advertising, gaining 24% for the first three quarters of 2016, not only has become the fastest growing market segment, reaching 83-96 billion, but never approached the size of the budgets to television, which in the same period received about to 102.4-102.9 bln rubles. Market participants by the end of years of waiting, the segments are compared, and attribute this growth to the changing landscape within the areas of Internet advertising.

If in 2015 the division online advertising boils down to two familiar types: media and contextual with shares at 17.1% and 82.9% of the market in the first half of 2015 respectively, in August 2016 the IAB Russia offers to label the segment according to the principle of purchase. It not only changes the structure of the market of Internet advertising, but also removes from the blind spot of such patterns of purchase advertising as CPA (Cost-per-action).

A successful advertising campaign on the Internet

A successful advertising campaign on the Internet and what do you need

4 December 2016

The main aspects which we allocated to successful advertising on the Internet, namely:

  • Smart technology;
  • Qualitative data;
  • Quality content.

As practice shows, usually, advertisers take into account only the first two, and practical always forget about the latter.

And we find this explanation, why this is happening. Thanks to "smart" technologies, marketers place their offer on millions of sites, qualitative data make it possible to study consumer intentions and interests, tell You what else is needed?

Quality content is important as air, since none of the modern technology and huge amounts of data will not work, if you have not unimpressive interesting pictures, there is no call to action in the ad, the landing page to which a user navigates poorly done and sloppy or the text on it not sell, and inefficient. Unfortunately it is from here a large flow of failures from users.

And even if this potential customer is wonderful it fits all the criteria of an ideal customer, with poor quality content will all be for naught.

In the end, if you follow all these steps and will fix the rest. Your offer will be seen and appreciated by potential clients.

Create quality, creative content, draw step towards conversion and sales along with Traff OÜ.

And if you have any difficulties You can always contact us and we will help you.

How to make ads?

How to make ads?

29 November 2016

Teaser advertising should be directed to customer action and retention of interest. If the goal is only traffic, ads must contain news or information in nature. You need to pay attention on the selection of pictures and writing a header — they should instantly attract the attention of the audience.

If the advertiser is necessary to sell any product or service, its announcement must comply with the principles of direct advertising. In the header and the end of required to reflect the most striking and the major benefits of your proposal, and specify its geographic relevance.

Information about the service advertising on the Internet Traff OÜ

Information about the service advertising on the Internet Traff OÜ

28 November 2016

Traff - teaser network covering more than 150 million people, is the most effective tool in Internet marketing. This system should be used to direct the advertising and sale of goods and services of mass consumption, as well as to attract the website more audience at affordable prices. With Traff you will be able to buy a place for advertising of goods and services in our ad units, posted on thousands of quality sites. Do the query and get the best prices on the market.

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