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How to quality use the keywords

Long been wanting to write this article, and so I finally decided to do it. Began to notice that even seasoned SEO experts still take seriously the figures and data provided by the services online checks.

Specialists offer services on analysis of the content which includes:

  • the percentage of spam
  • relevance
  • commercialization
  • the percentage of occurrences of keywords
  • saturation of the text and meta tags keys
  • and other

Undeniably, these indicators can help in the promotion and analysis of the resource, however, already on the calendar in 2017, and the time has passed when one could rely only on programs that need to use their experience and knowledge.

And now think about it, would a company like Google to develop such expensive and sophisticated algorithms, if the fundamental essence lies only in the promotion and analysis of the text, and the value would be only numbers, as we give third-party services?

You have to ask yourself such questions as, what he wants from us search engine? Strict adherence to rules? Or she wants to give the user only the best?

Of course, the principles of the search engines is very difficult to determine 100%. But there are some important points that could shed light on modern copywriting and relevant to the published content in General. About this talk today.

What's the problem?

Striking is the fact that copywriting is still exhibited job in style:

  • Theme of painting: Interior trim
  • Number of keys: interior – 4 exact match 1 diluted
  • Order interior trim – 3 exact match
  • Where to buy the material for the internal finish – 3 exact match
  • Additional information: Keys to scatter in the text that were not close to each other.

Clearly then will check for the percentage of occurrences of key words ))

The impression that tor exchanges less is defined by experts in the field of SEO. Surely someone can think that Google will quickly raise the website in search based only on the number of exact occurrences of key words?

Guys, I officially can say, those days are long gone. Now the most important machines in the published content, its usefulness and completeness of all the information provided.

So how does one begin to work with keys, you ask? We have to somehow insert them into the text, but not to make it suspicious for the search engine. How to achieve such a result?

I recommend you: forget the keys when you give a task to a copywriter. This may seem absurd, but I'll try to explain my point of view of a specific example.

Let us consider the example

Consider a simple and most common commercial example. Suppose that our client engaged in the valuation sector. After we worked on a semantic kernel for each article formed its own set of keys, necessary to embed on your website. The main problem here is not only a large number of keys, but also in their similarity.

Even with careful filtering and binning it for a particular query will be typed more than 50 keys, but we haven't even begun to look at the services separately.

Perhaps, each of them should be in the text? If we give the job to a copywriter, it will only look at the keys and think as if they "stuff" the text, but about the information content and usefulness of the article completely forgets. So before you start working we have to deteriorate the quality of the content.

What to do?

From this infinite, it would seem that the number of keywords we remove the ones that are most similar to other: in our case it is "an inexpensive company, the expert company, expert assessment". They can put notes in order to insert somewhere in the text.

And so, we get a list, which is already possible somehow to work.

The question arises: how to distribute the phrase in the text how and where to add to make it better than the competition? Share my experience, I leave it to the last place. I have given the list of keys is more of my satellites, and in no case is not a strict instruction manual.

The next stage, and it is also the main goal in search engine optimization, is to do better than the competition.

How to do it? Yandex to help you. Stayed all the keys through a search engine and see what the competition has on the subject.

Do the rotation, namely:

  • To change regions
  • Enter different queries
  • Use synonyms

Sites from other regions will give you a more clear picture about your competitors, but in the case of writing articles, I like to analyze the Moscow sites. Why the capital? You ask. Yes, because in fierce competition in any activity by reviewing the top 5-10 sites that I already 100% know what useful information have some, but some others do not.

For each query we collect the maximum that can collect. Read everything in the text file, only the most useful, without water. And that's when all the given queries you will have a treasure trove of information, and then you can start to write your own unique content.

We forgot the keys? No. They are always with us.

And what about the keys?

The frequency in the examples provided only for illustrative example, it actually we do not need. The order in which you built our keywords, and will determine the necessity of placing information in this article. Go from top to bottom.

The first key after the main – "valuation of the apartment." Thus, the second part of our article, you need to be as clear and understandable to describe all that we have collected on this topic useful. Please only pouring water is not necessary. Perhaps it might be useful to you when writing content always imagine that your website will be visited only stupid people. This does not mean that it will, but you have to be ready for it. Now imagine what would think people if you read this:

… critical motivating abstraction cannot ignore criteria utopian subjectivism, conceptual interpreting common definizione polarizers, so the consensus reached dialectical material classification universal motivations in paradigmatically links predicates, solves the problem of improvement of forming of etransformation quasipolitical all kinetically correlated …

I think you have understood everything.)

The challenge that you have to set myself is to convey information so that even the man who first sat at the computer, understand what you want to say to him. This can be done only with specific and detailed processing of information from the sites of competitors which you were previously analyzed.

What happens in the end? We are writing an article, and the keys just tell me in what sequence should be text. I do not diminish the importance of the headers h2-h6 in any case. They must be either the keys or synonymous phrases that will help search engine to understand what you write.

The higher frequency keys will go in the metadata, interspersed with some words that were in the woofer. You will just distribute the requests headers and your article is ready. In the end, the keys only need to populate metadata for the surface and embed in the text and headers. In all other cases, they just work.

What consequences can arise?

The article is too long. In the pursuit of those to do much better than the competition, I sometimes completely forget about what the article should be read from beginning to end. You need to plan.

Look at the information collected on the sites of competitors. If the article will exceed 8 000 – 10 000 characters – this can be a problem. To reduce and remove important moments you do not want. What should I do?

And again, all very simple. If you describe a service "real estate valuation", then you do not need to write 5,000 characters for each service separately. You can do the following: just highlight the main points that will interest the user and give him to understand that this service is really important:

  • Real estate appraisal
  • Evaluation of a country house
  • Evaluation of the land
  • Rating of construction in progress
  • The rating for the Bank
  • Valuation for mortgage

Shall describe each service for 1000-1500 characters. Explain to the reader that the client miss or get, if you use your service. At the end of the paragraph put a link to where a potential customer can learn all that you can tell him about the assessment of apartments, rural property, etc., and here already do not skimp on the words. Make sure that the competitors after reading your article screamed, "We need the same article". And then, and only then, will reach a perfect result.

Don't forget about appearance. If the article contains a large amount, it is necessary to force to read. This will help you a good designer. Change line spacing, change the font to a more readable, don't forget about the pictures, graphs, tables, footnotes, memos, etc. in short, make the article attractive..


Well, if you don't want to get into all these subtleties. You can contact the team at Traff who works with the traffic and the advertising network. In addition, conventional seo specialists we are distinguished by the transparency of the work. You can adjust the budgets for advertising, and to control this process. Plain Seo specialists can't provide.

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