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Trends of email marketing in 2017

Trends of email marketing in 2017

How many email newsletters you signed? How many of them do you read regularly? These are the questions you need to ask before starting. And then to think about their subscribers. They probably expect you to useful and interesting materials, which would be nice and easy to read. And what do You send letters?


Personalization is a powerful tool that marketers use, including mailing lists. According to the Email Tracking Report, 63% of users believe that their email is not enough useful emails. And the higher the personalization, the better your writing and above involvement.

You should read his followers, to set targets, segment your database. And success will not keep itself waiting long.


In 2017 mobile-friendly – the key to productive success of not only the website but also the newsletter. According to research by ComScore, the share of mobile devices account for 65% of the time users are on the Network, so that desktops become "secondary touch point".

It is important that your emails look the same as on mobile devices and computers. Especially pay attention to the change of the device does not interfere with the user to perform the target action.

Interactive content

Want to increase audience involvement? It's time to go beyond common standards emails. Studies show that adding video to emails improves the performance of 300%, and dynamic content that increases by 73%.

It is not necessary to remove the movies for each mailing. Start small: remove the small clip on the iPhone or just add gifs.

Short letters

The typical office worker receives over 120 emails per day. We are bombarded by promotions and notifications into an attractive titles.

Given the increasing popularity of mobile communications, attractive themes and short letters with clear and compelling call-to-action will be important in 2017 as ever

The ideal length of the letters varies between 50 and 125 words

According to Boomerang, the ideal length of the letters varies between 50 and 125 words. The response rate from these letters above 50%. A very short subject (3-4 words) give a good response – 48%.

User-generated content

According to a study by Nielsen, 84% of consumers trust the recommendations of other users. Compare this with the 15% who trust brand recommendations.

With the popularity of Instagram, Pinterest and other social media have marketers had access to the real user experience.

Include in the letter the photos are real users using your product or testimonials to attract the attention of potential customers.

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