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Requirements for the advertiser's website

Our goal is to help you grow your business. And we welcome advertisers of any industry and budget. To ensure the maximum coverage of your audience we are integrated with many partners, each of which has its own requirements for advertisers. Traff OU takes into account these requirements, at the same time offering additional recommendations for advertisers.

We strive to be as transparent as possible, and don't want to waste your time on creating campaigns for as long as you will not be able to work with us. For this purpose we have developed the requirements for advertised sites.

This article describes the requirements Traff OU to the advertisers. Information about what are the requirements for the ads (depending on type of campaign), you can see the Requirements to ads.

Requirements to the content of the website

Your website must be meaningful and functional

Retargeting can enhance the value of existing traffic, rather than attract new ones. If your website has just started or is still in development, you can install SmartPixel for collecting audience, and themselves to focus on finalizing the website or attracting new users, for example, using other types of campaigns (in-class, Thematic, Classmates). However, we have the following requirements for the sites advertisers:

  • Advertised page/site should open correctly in the browser.
  • All navigation links must work and lead to active pages.
  • All pages must contain content. Links to empty or the development of unacceptable.
  • Make sure that your website does not contain spelling and grammatical errors.

No advertising of sites:

  • in the development stage;
  • contains the error message;
  • creates user difficulties output with the advertised page/site (e.g., blocking the back button in the browser user);
  • using pop-up Windows (including Windows running download), show the transition to the advertised page/website, or exit from it;
  • are doorway pages (pages created to redirect visitors to another site);
  • the main purpose of which is to display advertising;
  • contains HTML frames, which provides content from other resources;
  • are clones (containing the content entirely or substantially copies the content of the site from a different domain).

Users must understand the essence of your business

Transparency is one of our core values, so we require advertisers to be equally transparent with their customers. Please make sure that your site meets the following requirements:

  • Users must understand the purpose of your website without the need to leave some personal information (e.g. e-mail).
  • The website contains clear and precise explanation of your product or services.
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  • For retail: transparent pricing, description of methods of payment, delivery and receipt of goods.
  • For service providers: description of services, conditions of subscription.
  • The website should include: privacy policy, section "About us", contact information.

The website must not contain false information or unverifiable assertions

All the content of your website should be informative, relevant, and accurate. Any claims should be easily verifiable. If you offer any guarantee, then such offer should be clear to your users. We do not work with sites that intentionally distort their business or use any methods to falsely raise its reputation

Site content must be acceptable for all ages

For re-marketing campaigns we do not limit the age of the audience, which show ads. Therefore, even if your product or service is aimed at a specific age category, your website must be acceptable for all ages, that is, to exclude nudity, violence, etc.

Requirements for the landing page:
  • You can also create a separate landing page for your advertising campaign. In addition to the foregoing requirements to sites, your landing page should meet the following requirements:
  • Your landing page should be associated with your brand.
  • Privacy policy and home page of your main site should be easily accessible from the landing page.
  • If your landing page contains some unique offer, not available from the primary site, the page should be a complete description of this proposal.
  • Any statements on the page should be easily verifiable.
  • Any collection of personal information shall take place via secure server (https://).


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