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What if you were sent to Baden-Baden?

What if you were sent to Baden-Baden?

In the panel Yandex.Webmaster see a notification about filter Baden-Baden, this leads to a reduction of the position of your site in search results. One of the experts Traff shared, how to avoid getting into Baden-Baden and what to do if you re optimized website.

This message appears because of a posting on the website the text containing too excessive amount of keywords. If you have received notice in Yandex.Webmaster, you want to look at your website page is saturated with a large amount of spam. In the panel Webmaster of the lists are missing a lot of spam pages. On this I have to check everything yourself.

To define a filter and validate the text in a surplus of keywords, you can use the service

Argo Kruut, Analytical Department, believes that after a thorough analysis of the text should not forget to pay attention to the TOP 10 key words and to ensure that the number of these keys does not exceed 3-5, and the distance between them is not less than 350 characters.

«Uniform distribution of keys in the document and the proper formulation of sentences is the key to success article, which will not fall under the new filter Baden-Baden. Use LSI key also do careful. To a single target query in the text may consist of up to three LSI-keys. It's time to abandon the proposals "to buy laminate floor cheap in Moscow with delivery online store" and replace them with more competent embodiments, for example, "buy cheap laminate flooring in Moscow in the online store, you can now, deliver in the shortest possible time"».

Baden Baden
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