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The Internet advertisement is called any direct or indirect promotion of a product or website to increase visitors, increase sales, and improve profitability of the overall project. Among the many available to an advertiser, marketing tools, Internet advertising remains one of the most beneficial areas. The number of Internet users is growing every month, and along with this, the Internet Commerce is rapidly developing. In the network, you can easily find your target audience and turn visitors into buyers, that is the main objective of most advertising campaigns

Features of Internet advertising

The main advantage of Internet advertising is that it is characterized by the maximum return for each invested cent. The relative cheapness and the ability to show ads to a limited target audience make this marketing channel extremely efficient and cost effective. In the Internet both large and small businesses, which compete on almost equal terms are advertised today.

The advantage of online advertising is the fact that advertisers have access to valuable statistics, which opens up great opportunities for analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns. In addition, you can collect detailed information about visitors of the website, make your product or resource even better

Types of online advertising

Internet advertising is a very broad concept which includes such broad categories as:

  • Video advertising on websites and blogs;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Teaser advertising;
  • Advertising in social networks;
  • Mail.

Each of these options includes a lot more narrow subcategories. Each of them has its own characteristics but it is recommended to use as many marketing channels as possible for effective promotion in the network. This is due to the fact that in this case, it achieves a synergistic effect, in the result the project rises in search results, and "acquires" an audience of regular visitors and subscribers.

How does it work in practice? Imagine that you have a project that needs a targeted audience. In this case, the ideal advertising course for start will be the launch of contextual advertising with the parallel testing of teaser and banner advertising. At the same time a number of popular blogs have notes about your product and the website begins to come alive with the interested audience. There is a first statistics that we begin to use to improve behavioral performance. In parallel with this you run a channel at the Vkontakte and a Youtube channel, resulting in two additional source of traffic. Sequentially analyzing the effectiveness of a number of marketing tools, it will be easier to select the most effective ones.

And now let’s speak a little more about each of the areas of Internet advertising

Contextual advertising

Advantage: the fastest and easiest way to buy targeted traffic to the website.

Disadvantage: high competition.

Contextual advertising is a versatile tool of an Internet marketer with the help of which you can easily select your target audience and begin to show her relevant ads to your website. But you have to remember the price of clicks, as many in niches this figure is very high, and you can "merge" the budget

Direct advertising

Advantage: the most organic and natural way of attracting visitors.

Disadvantage: much time is spent on search advertising platforms.

Direct advertising can be placed via aggregators and communicating directly with the owner of the website. The advantage of this advertising is that a sequence of trial and error can be treated as a very profitable source of traffic. The downside is that experiments have to spend time and money

Teaser ads

Advantage: high coverage and low cost per click.

Drawback: the high concentration of "garbage" traffic, which consists of an insolvent audience.

Teaser advertising is a truly unlimited source of traffic, though the quality of this traffic is not the best. But we must remember that progress in the teaser networks is not for every product or site. Usually teasers "are" goods of mass demand. Traditionally high CTR is a thing that only products from TV-shops and all kinds ofnovelties can boast of

Social network

Advantages: a large and very responsive audience that can be targeted by dozens of parameters.

Disadvantages: each case needs an individual approach to the creation of an advertising strategy.

The social networks occupy the first position in the rankings of most visited sites for not the first year. Naturally, this opens a lot of opportunities for marketers who can clearly identify their target audience and show ads to loyal and interested audience. But practice show that it is not simple to find the key to the heart of the user– the audience of social networks is very demanding on the quality of advertising content and reacts negatively to overt marketing.


Advantage: shareware marketing tool.

Drawback: the effective promotion needs a large base of subscribers.

If your target audience is willing to receive newsletters to your email box, then you definitely should use email marketing in promoting your project. The base of subscribers is a valuable asset, which can be converted into sales, if you think about the format of communication with the target audience through the mail.


Internet advertising is too broad concept in order to talk about it in one article. However, we can identify key areas of development of any project, which are best used in combination. This is especially important for young projects that need to assert themselves. In this case, any channel of promotion is good because they at least provide the statistics and will let you know in which direction you should develop the project.

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