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Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a very vast concept that includes a set of activities and tools for promotion of a product or resource in the network. In varying degrees the Internet marketing involves every successful company. The easiest way to launch a marketing campaign online is to create an official website, blog or group in social networks. But this is only the first step, and then there is the promotion of your site.

Nowadays it is not difficult to start a website or create a group in social networks. It is much harder to attract the attention of the target audience. The process of attracting potential customers and converting them into real customers is the goal of most marketing campaigns.

What is Internet marketing?

What does a specialist in Internet marketing do? In a nutshell – a comprehensivepromotion, and more specifically – developing a strategy for the development of online project or product promotion in the network using available marketing tools, including:

  • Search engine optimization. For many Internet projects, search engines remain the most significant source of traffic. So, it is simply impossible to ignore this tool. Search engine optimization must include the internal and external optimization, and analysis of behavioral indicators and their systematic improvement. The main goal of search engine optimization – improving the position of pages in search engines.
  • Promotion in social networks. Promotion strategy depends on the specifics of the project, characteristics of the target audience and other factors. In order to make marketing activities in social networks be effective, you must carefully examine the target audience and offer them the appropriate format and content.
  • E-mail. Email is one of the most "ancient" tools of Internet marketing. Despite this, the mailing lists in many niches demonstrate a good response, so do not refuse this conditional free source of traffic.
  • Contextual advertising. It is the fastest and easiest way to attract targeted traffic to the website. Advertising ads are tightly targeted audience of potential buyers, thereby achieving a high conversion. The disadvantage of contextual advertising is only in the fact that it stops working as soon as you cease to replenish the account.
  • Banner ads. This format can be successful for promoting various products, often products of mass consumption or well-known brands. Banner advertising can be especially interesting when buying traffic directly from the site owner without the use of a mediator.
  • Advertising in blogs and social networks. This format of promotion has several advantages. Firstly, we involve the target audience with thematic resources and groups. Secondly, we improve the performance of search engine optimization due to new links leading to the promoted website.

One of the main tasks of an Internet marketer consists of consecutive definition of the target audience, creation of promotional content for potential buyers and attracting visitors to so-called "point of sale" site where the customer can order the product or service. Strategy Internet marketing provides the phased identification of customer needs and their satisfaction with the promoted product. The active involvement of the target audience in the buying process is one of the basic challenges facing the marketer.

The benefits of Internet marketing

Compared to other areas of product promotion Internet marketing has a number of advantages:

  • It is informative for the buyer. In the mode "online" it is much easier to convey the desired information to the buyer. The more detailed and better presented promoted products are, the higher the conversion rate is.
  • High profitability of the advertising budget. Online marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to promote products and services. This is partly due to the fact that it is possible to narrowly target your target audience.
  • Great coverage of potential customers. The number of Internet users keeps is growingeven today, when, it would seem that everyone has computers and smartphones. Internet marketing allows you to reach the amount of audience that your business is able to handle, and even more

The goal of Internet marketing

  • The increase in the number of visitors to the promoted website;
  • Promotion and selling of goods and services;
  • Improving the reputational characteristics of the brand;
  • Managing the company's image

Anyway the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is profit. Therefore, the goal of an Internet marketer is to increase the profitability of the business project.

The service

You need to remember that even extremely good Internet marketer is not able to promote a product that the target audience does not like. Therefore, an important part of any marketing campaign is qualified with business management as such. Clients should have fun applying to your company. And it needs not much effort:

  • A quality product that meets the needs of the buyer;
  • Responsible and courteous staff, ready to answer customer questions;
  • Effective marketing tactic that can quickly react on market demands


Internet marketing is a complex of activities involving dozens of different tools. It includes search engines, social networks, blogs and forums, and electronic newsletters. In addition, Internet marketing involves the use of innovative methods of promotion. This can be, for example, Youtube channel or Twitter account.

XXI century – the era when no businessman can afford to ignore Internet marketing. Otherwise, competitors will quickly take advantage of this apparent omission

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