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6 reasons to use SEO and PPC together

Many believe that SEO and PPC as mutually exclusive strategies. Proponents of PPC believe: why to optimize your website, write complex SEO texts, seek to bring to perfection the design and the HTML, if you can make landing in the free designer, order the context and get the transitions.

Followers SEO can offer their arguments for example: investment in SEO will pay for itself with a surplus (though this will need a year or two), fewer risks, traffic will be stable even without additional financial investments. All will be right, but only partially. The reality is that SEO and PPC aimed at solving different tasks and their combined use provides a synergistic effect. You can name at least 6 reasons to include SEO and PPC in terms of promotion.

1. Increase visibility

After the successful conclusion of the pages in the TOP 10 organic delivery interest in PPC is often lost. But do not forget that the first three lines in the results is just ads contextual advertising, and they account for a significant share of transitions. Opponents of using SEO along with PPC at a high position pages in the results, one may argue that: and the "cannibalization" of traffic who has left (cannibalization is a marketing term denoting the phenomenon in which a new product reduces the market share of another product of the same organization. In our case it is the reduction of traffic from a single source due to the growth of the other). To some extent this effect is the place to be, but you will also take traffic from competitors, which ultimately gives a positive result.


Traff team conducted a study according to which the increase in the budget for contextual advertising leads to higher rankings in search. So, if you increase the PPC budget up to 300 euros the average increase visibility of website in SERP reaches of 2.92%, up to EUR 1,000 — with 4.86% and up to 1,700 Euro mark reaches of 11.22%!

Why is this happening? The fact that search engines take into account metrics of quality Internet resources when ranking, such as:

  • CTR of the website in the SERPs,
  • the bounce rate,
  • time on the site
  • depth of view.

Contextual advertising leads of interested users, which improve the behavioral indicators, and hence position in the search engine

2. Reputation management

Oddly enough, but contextual advertising in some situations, helps resist negative information background. For example, after the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, BP launched a PPC campaign associated with the key phrase "oil spill" ("oil spill").

PPC campaign - Oil spill

The ad led to a page of the official website of BP, which tells about how the company is struggling with the consequences. So BP tried to keep the image of the company afloat.

3. Testing of keywords and titles

Parallel launch SEO and PPC experts from Traff believe it allows you to identify keywords with the highest conversion rate and use them for further promotion. In addition, you have an opportunity to determine which PPC ads more clickable and use similar titles and meta descriptions in SEO campaigns. The advantage of testing and key headers using PPC is that you get instant result within a short period of time you understand what works and what doesn't.

In addition, thanks to accurate targeting PPC ads, you can determine whether SEO-optimizing pages for different regions.

In addition, by setting the search site, you can track what interests your users, and use this information when you run PPC campaigns.

4. Increasing seasonal sales

If you use SEO only in the seasonal period. You need to increase sales you need for a few months — you should create and optimize content to wait for indexation and growth positions. Significantly increase seasonal sales by using PPC campaign you start when it is most profitable, with the desired parameters.

5. Testing of changes on the website

With PPC, you can track the audience reaction to changing the color scheme, design, arrangement of elements, new functionality or structure of the website.

6. Protection from losing positions in the search

The disadvantage of SEO is the probability of losing positions in response to changes in search engine algorithms. In the end, almost instantly, you lose traffic and income. PPC allows you to create a safety cushion. If you have configured the campaign, when the subsidence of the positions will be enough to increase the budget context in order to compensate for the drop in traffic from SEO.

Tip: how to organize collaboration with SEO and PPC?

Manually to work on SEO and PPC is time consuming — need separate specialists for each area. You can go the other way: to use the services automation. For example, on the platform Traff is the interface for simultaneous launch SEO and PPC.

Traff - interface for simultaneous launch SEO and PPC

Traff the platform can automatically generate key phrases that will select the relevant site, and even will be selling ads. Your task is to set basic settings and to control the outcome.

The system is suitable both for professional SEOs and novices alike. Its use is free. If you have any questions you can contact the experts of Traff — they will help to conduct a website audit to help set up SEO and PPC campaigns will send regular reports and recommendations for the promotion of the website. Following the recommendations, you will be able to bring the site to a qualitatively new level.

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