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In order to build a successful online business it is not enough to build a website and wait for the first visitors. The reality is that you have to somehow promote your project on the Internet. And its majesty the advertisement will help you in this. Quality advertising of the website is able to give a serious start to any project, whether it's an online store, information resource or news portal.

In this article we will discuss about free trial advertising. Why free trial? Because some methods of promotion of sites can be automated and thus you can scale and accelerate progress. And it is usually worth some money.

Advertising in directories

If your advertising budget is limited, start with free advertising to directories. It's very simple – in the search results you should select the most popular resources for your theme. After that, you need to register and spend a little time describing the advertised resource. You can use the same text, placing it on different platforms. You can also use the breeder of the text to create unique content for each directory.

This type of advertising might not only attract interested audience to your website, but also to increase SEO performance of your domain. So it is necessary to start your free advertising on the Internet with registration in catalogues. If the budget allows – you can register in a few paid directories to increase the trust of search engines.

Advertising on Bulletin boards

Another free way of advertising of a site is placing ads on special boards. You will be surprised, but there is a lot of targeted traffic on such websites. And if you have a unique selling proposition – send it on numerous message boards. This can be done both manually and using special software (Allsubmitter, Internet Business Promoter, etc.)

As a rule, active posting on the boards can give a good result in terms of increase in number of visitors. You can also expect the growth of SEO factors of the website such as TCI and PR.

Registration in search engines

Another affordable way to advertise a website for free – to create accounts in leading search engines – Yandex, Google, Mail.Ru and Rambler. In the office you can add your site, confirming it, and then to monitor the process of indexing in real-time. Practice shows that site registration in search system allows you to improve the position in results, which positively affects the flow of traffic.

Social network

The social network is inhabited by millions of potential customers. And it's silly not to take advantage of this inexhaustible source of free traffic. In order to effectively start to advertise on the social network, you need to create and beautifully arrange group, and then add information about the advertised site.

It is advisable to create an account and start adding all the recommended friends. In any case, do not deny people in friendship in the social network, because every friend has a potential subscriber, buyer etc.

The most "cost-effective" social media remains a "big three" - In Contact, Classmates and Facebook. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are more suitable to promote some sites.

The exchange of links with other groups may be very effective. If you manage to negotiate with administrators of other similar groups about cross-posting, you will receive additional powerful source of traffic to your website.

Sending letters via Email

The simple affordable way to advertise your website and attract interested audience – to send letters on the address list. You can use the special services for mailing, which you can use to automate this process.

Where do we get the base addresses for advertising your website? You can use the convenient program mail agent parser or any similar software for parsing addresses. You are advised to send letters to the target audience, selected by age, geography and other parameters. So, mail advertising campaign will give maximum exhaust.

Forums and groups

You can recommend your website, leaving a link to it on forums and thematic groups. It is an important detail to answer the questions, and not just try to "cram" link. If the forum discusses the problem, the solution of which will help your website or product,then you need to give a short answer to the question in the appropriate topic and give a link to a more detailed response published on your website.


Previously, you registered the site in directories. As additional free advertising it is time to start posting reviews on the website, entering the catalogue under a different account. Due to the serious approach you will be able to form the desired opinion about your website that will trigger an increase of visitors.

Feedback can be left also in discussions with similar competitors ' sites. So you will be able to entice some visitors of a competitor site to your site.


Any search engine is designed to allow sites the opportunity to fight for position in search results on terms. Therefore, search engine optimization remains one of the most attractive ways of advertising the site on the Internet. Nothing advertises the resource as its presence in the TOP 10 of the SERPs, which suggests that the search engine commends the quality of the content. Therefore, you should fight for search engine ranking because Google and Yandex are the most numerous sources of traffic.

The results

If you are interested in free advertising site – you can be sure that you really have an opportunity to promote the resource without investing a penny. But remember that some tools of the free promotion can be even more effective if you use them en masse. In this case, you won’t avoid financial costs, because such promotion involves the automation or delegation of a number of routine processes that can be done through paid software or hiring a contractor.

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