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Maximize your revenue, by displaying only the most useful and сonvenient ads for your audience.

We understand the needs of big business. SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more. In order to tailor the best match possible for the advertiser’s offer to a potential customer, you need to target. There are many targeting solutions, but no overall one-size-fits-all options. It all depends on your campaign’s goal. Usually, the best results are achieved through a mixture of different targeting solutions. Since targeting solutions are our bread and butter, we use and combine them every day.

CPС Plan CPV Plan CPM Plan Video Plan

CPС Plan - Cost Per Click


It is an effective advertising company, because many pay per click.

Most often this package is used by advertisers, who have interest in collection of required customer information, or the fascination of your website's traffic.

  • Placed offer
  • User clicks ad
  • Receive money

CPV Plan - Cost Per View


This package is designed for communication over short period of time.

To better understand consumer demand, you should use this package.

  • Placed offer
  • You look
  • Receive money

CPM Plan - Cost Per 1000 views


The recommended package for customers who need to quickly adapt to the new market and that his brand was recognizable in this segment.

  • Placed offer
  • Get 1000 impressions
  • Receive money

Video Plan

Video plan

One of the most rapidly developing advertising industry-online marketing. Don't miss the opportunity.

  • Placed offer
  • User watches video
  • Receive money

In case you have difficulties with choosing the right package.
Our specialists will always help and advise You and to direct there where it will be profitable for you.

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