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Own Internet Business: 10 simple ways to make money

It is difficult to arrange your own Internet business? Before answering negatively, list at least 15 variants of using Internet to make money! If you can count them on one hand, it’s time to change your mindset and brush up on the variety of opportunities for web-enterprising. First, let’s consider the option requiring the availability of your own website or blog.

Variant 1. Sale of goods and services

Depending on your creative and entrepreneurial skills, you can limit yourself to the creation of your online store or starting the theme blog, accompanying posting by the sale of similar goods. For example, the owner of culinary website can sell both his/her books and magazines and the ingredients for the offered dishes.

Variant 2. Direct advertising

Achieving the rate of several thousand followers of your site or blog, you should think about the monetization of your content. You can start looking for the advertisers or contact the special agent. And when the popularity of your resource, the advertisers themselves will contact you. At that, the profit will depend on how long the ad remains on the website, or the number of clicks.

Variant 3. Advertising posts

As an alternative to the first option, the advertisers can order placing an article on your resource (which usually describes the numerous benefits of certain product). In this case, the income web master depends on several factors: 1) whether the advertiser provides the ready text; 2) whether it is hidden or open advertising, etc.

Variant 4. Contextual advertising with Google Adsense

Free program for passive monetization of content from Google, which includes showing the relevant ads on the theme web-resources (usually this is about MFA – the websites specially adapted to the Adsense system). Their owners are rewarded for the clicks (on the average, 2-5 cents for clicks). The income depends on the number of the highly specialized websites you own, the effectiveness of their promotion, advertising rates, seasonal user activity and many other factors. The record holder of 2011 was the owner of the site “” Markus Frind, who gets $300000 from Google Adsense every month. Those who are interested in this kind of income should read the articles “How to earn on context advertising” and ”How to increase your income from the context advertising”.

Variant 5. Contextual advertisement from Yandex.Direct

The Russian equivalent of Google Adsense from Yandex. The owner of website, where the ads are placed, get 50% of income for every click on the banner or following the advertising link.

Variant 6. Contextual advertisement with Begun

This option of starting your own Internet business is suitable for the beginning web masters: the accounts are given to the owners of the websites with minimum attendance on the condition of commercial hosting. The benefit of this system is that your income is put on your WMZ-purse, and the price of one click varies from $0.01 to $1.

Variant 7. The markets of eternals links Rotapost, GoGetLinks and Blogun

The owners of popular resources with high rates of current citation index and PR on such exchanges meet the authors of newly created web platforms. They earn money for placing the links to the website or blog that needs advertising. After the indexation it goes up in the search results of Google and Yandex.

Variant 8. Backlinks purchase services (Xap, Sape, etc.)

Such services allow monetizing your content by means of placing the backlinks both on the main and on the home pages of the website. Using the system service instruments, you can choose the advertising platforms manually, automatically or semi-automatically. The income of the website owner depends on the number of pages and the degree of optimization website promotion.

Variant 9. The sale of links in Trustlink

The experts in Trustlink call it the safest system for the automatic placement of advertising banners. To starting working here, you’ll have to “accelerate” the current citation index of the website (which has 6-10 months of age) and fill it with the unique content (at least 300 characters per page). After moderation and inserting the code of Trustlink, turn on the “Carefree” mode and count your profit: within 2 weeks the system will automatically buy up to 60% of advertising platforms of your resource.

Variant 10. Teaser networks (Adlabs, Tisernet, Smi2, etc.)

Teaser advertising represents small (usually animated) advertising banner with an intriguing title. The teaser placed on the website doesn’t have to be relevant to the website content, and annoys the visitors much less than the pop-ups. In this case, the income of the owner of advertising platform depends on the number o displays or clicks.

Apart from these options, you can build your Internet business on the development and promotion of websites, partner or referral programs, all kinds of freelance service (keyboarding, copywriting, rewriting, translation, naming, design services, etc.), traffic arbitration, online marketing, etc… You will certainly find the most suitable option that allows earning your living online!

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