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Typical mistakes of owners of Internet shops or how to make you buy

Why clients do not become potential customers on the site? Reasons why you not buy, can be a huge amount, starting with prices ending with attractive design and aversion to it. Today we will try to deal with this disease as usability and make it easier to read and understand my team and Traff broke them by numbers.

Mistake number one: save on hosting

Hosting is the initial selection, where as it is impossible to save. Especially if you are actively developing your online business and expecting a huge traffic flow of buyers. Especially in those times when you promotions and sales. At this moment the site traffic increases 10 times and the collapse of the server only a matter of time. And now imagine in the midst of the promotions, your hosting cannot cope with the load from a CPC or CPV and potential customer instead of making an order for a round sum, and see the inscription on the monitor "502 Bad Gateway".

502 Bad Gateway

Of course the server crash no one is immune, so the choice of hosting should be approached very scrupulously and thoroughly. One of the tips in any case don't look to the free solutions. For medium-sized projects suitable virtual dedicated server (VPS / VDS). For large (10,000 people a day) is better to use a dedicated server. Especially pay attention to the reviews about the company, the speed of replies from customer support will not be superfluous.

Mistake number 2: total form of a survey

Lovers to order something from the Intern, was faced with total questionnaire before checkout. Sometimes this stage is not available without registering and / or login to the site.

Total form of a survey

The more you create barriers to a potential buyer, the less likely that it will remain in your store. Let the opportunity to make a purchase without registering, and to order, do ask to submit the required data: if you select to self, do not ask for delivery address and so on.

Refrain from compulsory registration in the store. If you want to collect database of email - clients, to have an idea about their interests and preferences, go other course, offer them bonuses. For example, the loyalty discount on shipping or even free points for every purchase and other benefits available to registered users only.

Mistake number 3: ignoring mobile optimization

You can lose a major share of customers who come to your website from mobile devices and not the suspect. You first need to test how well your store is displayed on smartphones. Try to look through the catalog, read product descriptions, make a purchase, contact customer support and rate usability and also don't forget to watch from a mobile device looks contextual advertising on your website. About analyze counters statistics users ' devices: what is the volume of mobile traffic, bounce rate. Surely you have something not satisfied, this shall immediately start working towards a mobile site store.

E-shop responsive design

The loss of user traffic can be enormous: in addition to the outflow of direct people who clicked on the links, for example, from social networks or the link on the affiliate website, you'll lose out on mobile search traffic. In fact, long ago it's no secret that Yandex and Google take into account the factor of mobility to search in smartphones and rank above sites that are adapted for the screens of mobile devices.

The most common three ways of adaptation:

  • separate site on a domain type
  • dynamic serving (different screens)
  • responsive design (a universal solution for all types of devices).

Google recommends the third option, although it is most expensive to develop.

Mistake number 4: bulky layout

Too heavy code, not using the browser cache, the abuse of scripts and unoptimized images, the most common mistakes that allows the owner of the site, which leads to slow loading of the website.

Users usually gives five seconds of waiting the site to load, and then closes the tab with your website.

To check your site for any problems with loading pages or not possible, are there any problems with the pages loading speed shop, just select a few seconds on his analysis using the free service from Google. It will point out what needs work, will give detailed advice on how to avoid long loading store pages for desktop and mobile devices.

Mistake number 5: improperly working shopping cart

In most cases, the basket is the cause of the failure of the user to purchase the selected product. Because of what is happening, we now try to understand:

  • you cannot change the contents of the basket — that is, one click to remove unnecessary product;
  • the buyer is not able to find the link to the cart — it is located off the grid or in an unfamiliar place for him (usually its looking for in the top right corner of the page);
  • automatic updated composition of the basket after the closure of page;
  • there is no field for entering a promotional code — mistakenly shopkeepers assign him a place on the checkout page, while the buyer wants to see the final cost of purchase in the shopping cart;

Mistake number 6: no product description

When a potential buyer finds interesting information, it is going to look for it from another seller. Therefore, you should not ignore the product descriptions.

No product description

Approach this matter very seriously - shall describe the composition, dimensions, weight, technical characteristics, usage characteristics. If possible, post a video, pictures from different angles so that you can examine the item in detail. Do not overdo it with the keywords — the description must not turn into a SEO-text. It is sufficient to use one or two occurrences of a key in the header of the item card and in the main text.

Mistake number 7: Inconsistent information on the website

Follow the actuality of the figures on the site — you value your own time and time buyer. It often happens that you place your order and answering a service call, the customer hears about the absence of goods in the warehouse or another amount to be paid. With high probability this will be the last contact with the buyer from your store. To avoid misunderstandings, keep the following information:

  • information about the availability of goods in stock (now there is a possibility of integration with the software inventory);
  • the price of the goods (specify in convenient for the buyer currency);
  • payment methods;
  • the methods and costs of delivery.

We have considered only a part of the most common mistakes that emerge to the surface during the visual audit. These fundamental errors reduce sales and affect the ease of use of the site. On commercial sites can be lots of problems, which hinder its search engine promotion and growth of positions in search engines. Any amount you would not have invested in SEO, it will not bring the proper fruits. We suggest to adopt is a rule that before starting any marketing campaign to audit the site and eliminate all bugs.

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