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The information collected

During the demonstration of the ads and corresponding to them reporting, we log all page views and collect information for analytical performance and / or display specific ads depending on browser type, time of operation and number of viewed ads.

We log all page views during display ads and collect all the information for analytical purposes. Data collected according to Google Analytics.

Information provided by the user

Traff OÜ organizes the request for a user personal identification information through the form online. This information is going to be able to interact with the user, communications companies, about the new reference and so on. Personal information provided by the user is not transmitted to third parties.

For a complete Traff services OÜ need to create a user account, it makes full use of the program Traff OÜ. Information which should be provided to:

  • Personal data
  • Contact information
  • Information of the payer (it is Important that personal data and payer data match)
  • The name of the user

The above information is necessary to provide services to the users, including the display of customized content and advertising access to the application, exchange of information with the user; the transfer of the profit gained from digital advertising; research and analysis to protect our services.

The terms of use of materials published on the website

A core value of each commercial companies are trust relationship with clients. Traff OÜ respects Your privacy. Using website, You agree with our policy of privacy and terms of use. If You do not agree with the above conditions, please immediately leave our site.

The General principles of processing of personal data are a fundamental document, according to which Traff OÜ processes data of individuals.

Use of cookies

Google Analytics allows us to collect and analyze information concerning how users interact with your website or application. It is not identifying. For example, we use Cookies for storing preferences protected search, aligned visible advertisements, for statistics website visitors to offer assistance when registering for our services and to protect Your data. Allowing to use Cookies, You consent to the use of Your personal personal data.


In the case of the use of our services, our server automatically stores the IP address of the user, that gives us the validity to determine the location of the computer used by the client to obtain access to certain services This is done to improve the quality and relevance of our services and manage the ads on the network.

The information provided

Content and licensees

The web site does not grant any licenses to use intellectual property firms Traff OÜ.

The user bears full responsibility for any actions, committed by them or third parties, whom he provided the data with your email address (username) and/or password, and for any consequences that could result or caused such use them.

When subscribing to the newsletter prohibited: use the email address (login) and other personal information of third parties without their personal consent; in any way, including by hacking, trying to access someone else's e-mail address (username) and password against the will of the person to whom they belong.

Under no circumstances will not be liable to User or any third party for any indirect, accidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, harm the honour, dignity or business reputation caused in connection with use of the site, site content or other materials to which you or other persons got access with the help of the website, even if the administration warned or pointed the possibility of such damage.

Service guarantees that will not use the email address, specified by the User when subscribing to the newsletter, to send any information other than that for which the latter signed.

Privacy protection

When you visit any of the website/services online or when filling out online forms of identification, check this web-site services, privacy policy protecting the personal data of the user.

When providing ads using behavioural and behavioural measurements, Traff OÜ constantly follows his own rules, relevant personal experience, we do it for increasing transparency and consumer control.


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