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Combining an advertiser, a website owner and core audience into an integrated mutu-
ally beneficial entity. Due to AdExchange advertising platform designed by our own
, an advertiser catches the relevant audience attention; a site owner earns ready
money, and website visitors find out about products they are really interested in.


What are we doing?

The main objective of the company Traff OÜ - effective assistance in promoting a brand, company or product with the help of Internet marketing technologies. Using
the latest methods of analytics and specially designed filtering tools, we have facilitated the purchase of traffic and increased the security of operations.

Advertisers and website owners who have connected to the AdExchange advertising platform have been able to buy and sell advertisements with the necessary conversion, target audience and instant reporting. Choosing cooperation with Traff OÜ, you will get the opportunity to quickly advance in the market thanks to a
well-developed advertising campaign:

Why should you choose us?


  • Access to a target audience
  • The best price for one view
  • Ad campaign performance
  • Personal manager coordination
  • Any cooperation models with traffic seller

Website owner

  • Stable income from advertising campaigns
  • The opportunity to get a good price for the view
  • Automation of selling traffic process
  • Free business counseling
  • Cooperation with well-known brands

Our Advantages

Formation of sales funnel

A competent promotion strategy based on a thorough analysis of the brand and the target audience will help you find the right tools and creative moves to increase conversion and attract users.

Get new clients

Classroom purchases (data purchase about the actions of people on the web) will allow you to develop an advertising campaign that will cover and lead to the brand page of new customers who need the proposed products or services.

Use CRM data

Automation of individual aspects of sales, a well-thought-out strategy, as well as the study of actions and user behavior, help us extend the life value (expiration date, LTV) of a single campaign which means increase its profitability.

Keep up to dates

Using the achievements and technologies of digital marketing, we have achieved the ability to quickly adapt to the changing mood of society and offer creative solutions that find response from both an individual client and the general mass of the Internet users.

Sophisticated analytics system

The analytics system developed by the staff of Traff OÜ allows you to receive data about the performance and attractiveness of the advertising campaign from the first minutes after its launch. Thanks to detailed reporting the advertiser has the opportunity to correct and optimize the course of the launched campaign in time.

Work with a personal manager

The creation and elaboration of advertising campaigns, starting from the selection of tools and ending with optimization, is carried out by a personal manager who directly contacts with the advertiser. In the case of an independent work of the advertiser with the account, the staff of Traff OÜ is ready to support it with advice and advice at any time.


million unique users
per day


countries and regions


million conversions
per month


thousand application installations
per month

Success stories

We offer quality services and excellent support, and the best proof of this is the success stories of happy customers.

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